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December 4, 2009

“Fuerza Bruta”: The Twittercast

by Jesse North

Last night was an official Twitter Night at Fuerza Bruta, and unlike Hugh Jackman and Patti LuPone, the producers encouraged the audience to tweet and take pictures (minus flash) throughout the entire performance. Stage Rush was there, tweeting away like a maniac and stepping on many people’s feet. It was a really unique experience to report during a show, but it was a ton of fun and, for me, brought out a completely different and new angle of theatergoing.

In case you missed it, here is my Twittercast from last night. I have not corrected any of the grammar or spelling errors, as they reflect the chaos and rapidity of the scene. (Although let’s all take special note of the most awesome typo in tweet #14: “catboat” box. Could that possibly have meant to be “cardboard?)

1. This place is like a club. And $2 coat check? No bueno. Do we have to rush the coat check??
2. Show wasn’t started yet, but it’s CREEPY in here! I feel like something’s gonna fall from the ceiling!
3. My companion, @LizzLovejoy, thinks a bomb is going to go off and that this “show” is just a distraction.
4. “I think we made a wrong turn and walke into a gay club.” – @LizzLovejoy
5. Jess: No, Fuerzabruta means “brute strength” in Spanish. Liz: Exactly.

6. Woman next to me is wearing a SARS mask.
7. The actor just got fake shot and I screamed. The audience is cheering. Weird.

8. “Chris Price would really die at this show.” – @LizzLovejoy
9. Huge treadmill
10. The water mist smells like vinegar. Gross!

11. Man running through paper walls!
12. Women floating/flying on aluminum foil walls! Like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
13. You have to keep moving around so you don’t get hit by LARGE props! The stage hands really push you! @LizzLovejoy and I are dying.
14. I just got hit on te head with a catboat box! I wonder howuch paper I’ve swallowed by now.
15. I feel like I’m in an action movie. But, like, IN one!
16. Now we’re all under a foil tarp!
17. Now it’s a dance party!
18. Everyone’s kneeling down!
19. It lowered so everyone can touch it.
20. The entire ceiling is a water tank.
21. This show is all disturbing imagery.
22. More water images.
23. More water images again.
24. Claustrophobia, anyone?
25. Rainstorm rave.
26. Do you you why this was like being INSIDE an action movie?!
27. If you want to lose control of your emotions, go to FUERZABRUTA. @fakeplasticreep
28. The talented and (very) hard working cast and crew.
29. Everyone was so dead sexy at that show.
30. The end. Thanks for tuning in!
All photos: Jesse North

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