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April 23, 2010


Stage Rush TV: Episode 10

by Jesse North

Talking points:
What do you think, Rushers? Are you beaming that Brian d’Arcy James will be coming back to Next to Normal? Did you see him in the show’s off-Broadway run? What did you think of the four shows I saw this week? Did Million Dollar Quartet make you leave smiling? Did you find Everyday Rapture to be a bummer, like I did? Have you been to an At This Performance concert? As always, leave it in the comments!
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  1. Anonymous
    Apr 23 2010

    I LOVE STAGE RUSH TV! Super informative and entertaining :)

  2. Jesse North
    Apr 23 2010

    @Anonymous: Thank you so much! As long as you enjoy it, that's what's important.

  3. Christine
    Apr 24 2010

    I am ecstatic that Brian d’Arcy James is (re)joining Next to Normal! I can’t wait to see my first and favorite Dan again. His rendition of I’ve Been will be worth the price of admission alone.

    I wonder if he regrets not staying with the show for Arena in D.C. and opening on Broadway. Of course I understand because Shrek seemed like it would turn out to be a huge family hit and N2N wasn’t even sure it would transfer at all, let alone do this well. I am sad Brian is not on the OBCR and wasn’t nominated for a Tony for Dan instead (maybe he woulda stomped those Billy boys?), but all that is done with now and I’m glad he’ll get a chance to play the role again.

    Re: grosses – I am not surprised at A Little Night Music’s grosses because Angela Lansbury has been on vacation. She returns on Tues. 4/27. I was able to get a SRO ticket around 11am last Saturday, which I know def. wouldn’t have been possible on any other day both Ms. Lansbury and Catherine Z-J were on, and there were a few open seats in the rear orch that we standers took up for the second act.

  4. Anonymous
    Apr 25 2010

    I saw Next to Normal off Broadway, and I may go see it along now that Brian d’Arcy James is coming back.

  5. Jesse North
    Apr 26 2010

    @Christine: Yes, so excited about Brian d'Arcy James! I think he does sort of regret it. Maybe "regret" isn't the word, but I read an interview with him and he basically explained he wished there was a way to do both projects—SHREK and NEXT TO NORMAL.

  6. Jesse North
    Apr 26 2010

    @Anonymous: Awesome! I will definitely be going to see it, so I can see his performance!

  7. Carlos Alvarado
    Apr 28 2010

    Talk about having a great week at the theatre, that I definately did last week. Thanks for the shout out and all your help last week. We definately need to catch a show together next time i'm out there.


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