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July 9, 2010


Stage Rush TV: Episode 21

by Jesse North

Talking points:

What do you think, Rushers? Do you love the Broadway in Bryant Park concerts as much as I do? Do you think A-list stars should be obligated to perform at these concerts promoting theirs shows? Have you seen the original Wedekind Spring Awakening performed? How did it compare to your liking of the Sater/Sheik musical? Leave it in the comments!

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  1. Kathy
    Jul 10 2010

    I also had a chance to see Spring Awakening and it was amazing!! I had never been to an off off Broadway play and I have to admit, it was a weird experience when I first went down into the tiny theater. Now I know what people mean when they say someone got their start in a church basement theater.
    This experience was a great way to spend an evening! The minimalist presentation makes the emotional impact of the storyline even more powerful and serves to highlight the outstanding acting skills of the cast. I loved this show and can’t wait to see it again!

  2. Louise Ambrose
    Jul 10 2010

    Saw Spring Awakening also Those young amazing talented actors gave “IT” their all on a hot steamy night.. A good take for the money to see how it all begins for future acting careers A thought provoking play also. Lots to think about!!

  3. Walter Boone
    Jul 10 2010

    There is so much to love about this production. The minimalist set and the lighting put a real focus on the actors and the story they’re telling to the audience. It’s not flashy, but subtle and poignant and a lot darker than the musical. This take the original play to a whole new level. It also raises the bar for what an Off-Off Broadway production can be. Just because you’re in a no air-conditioned basement, that smells kinda funny, doesn’t mean the show’s going to be bad or even mediocre. The cast and the crew treat this as it was their Broadway debut and put on an amazing performance. It’s a must see most definitely.

  4. Anonymous
    Jan 22 2012

    I LOVE LOVE the show, the actors, cheoreograph, lighting all contributed to the emotional part of your being. Would see it again anytime.


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