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July 16, 2010


Stage Rush TV: Episode 22

by Jesse North

Talking points:

Rushers, what did you think of Brian D’Arcy James as Dan in Next to Normal? Please tell me, since I didn’t see him. What did you think of this week’s Broadway in Bryant Park? Were you disappointed Montego Glover was absent, or were you thrilled to see Danielle Williamson? Are you getting your eyeliner out in anticipation of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’s Broadway transfer in September? Leave all your excitement, woes, and thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Kym
    Jul 16 2010

    I just want to tell you that I can’t watch this yet, being that I’m at work. But that opening shot of you is hot!

    (I will watch it later. Don’t kill me!)


  2. aliceacolyte
    Jul 22 2010

    Brian D’Arcy James is Dan. Period. End of story. J. Bobby Who? ssseeeeeeriously. BDJ actually makes you feel for Dan and shines in how much you see Dan care about and for Diana whereas the other guy, imho, makes Dan about Dan… plus there’s actually chemistry between Dan and Diana with AR and BDJ.. nice to see finally.

    one great moment was the end of act I, end of “light in the dark” when the doctor pulls the gurney stage L away from Dan.. BDJ looked just as lost and terrified as AR did .. brilliantly done.. first time I’ve ever seen anything but Alice’s eyes in that scene

    wish you could have seen him!!

    also, i wish you could have seen KDM again.. I mUCH prefer him to AT, who I find too over the top and self-conscious..the show isn’t about him or his abs..or thighs.. when KDM was intially filling in he was doing a pale AT imitation, but when he took over, he made the part his own and did so beautifully..he totally filled out that part and didn’t upstage everyone and everything in his path.. “and I’m holding on..” at the end is sooo much more powerful with KDM (and BDJ) than it ever was with AT (and BDJ or JRS)

    That performance.. the “last” .. and my 17th or so.. will no doubt go down as one of the top theater-going experiences of my life.. it’s right up there with the first time I saw SIDE SHOW (and yes, Emily was on that night) it started with an ovation that went so long alice (in character) acknowledged it briefly so they could continue

    It was soooo touching and beautiful when Adam broke down in Hey #3.. because the lyrics fit the situation both onstage and off, and his emotion..both Henry’s and Adam’s fit the situation as Adam and Jen are close buds

    • Jul 23 2010

      @aliceacolyte: Thanks so much for all your thoughts on NEXT TO NORMAL! I really loved Brian d’Arcy James. I thought his voice, matched with the score, was exceptional. I don’t share your sentiments on Kyle Dean Massey. I loved Aaron Tveit. His voice could really handle the score. I’m not a fan of Massey’s voice. He just doesn’t do it for me. But I do see what you’re saying about Tveit. He still made that connection for me though. So you were at Alice Ripley’s and the rest’s final performance? That must have been so cool. I’ve heard about Adam Chanler Berat’s emotional scenes from other people too. That’s so nice!


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