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December 3, 2010


Stage Rush TV: Episode 42

by Jesse North

Talking points:

What do you think, Rushers? How did Spider-Man sound to you after all the coverage from the first preview? Are you as crushed as I am that Scottsboro and Bloody Bloody are closing so prematurely? Do you think Billie Joe’s return to American Idiot will keep the show afloat? Take solace with other concerned Rushers in the comments below. Let’s all have a group hug!

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  1. Carlos Alvarado
    Dec 3 2010

    Where to begin??? Is it bad that I’m excited to see Gideon Glick in Spiderman? So curious to see what all of the fuss is. Also sad about BBAJ and Scottsboro Boys. I always thought it was strange that they opened so early in the season. I would have waited until the Spring. I love American Idiot, but i’m not sure how I feel about Billie Joe going back. They have reverted ticket pricing during his run only, which is obviously the point, but I just don’t know that it’s worth paying $135 to see him for 20 minutes. Regardless, an amazing week of theatre news! Great coverage.

  2. Dec 3 2010

    Even with all the bad buzz about Spiderman glitches, I would still be very interested in seeing it. From the behind the scenes event, it looked like it would be SO cool. Too bad I probably won’t see it until 2015. lol.


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