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March 25, 2011


Stage Rush TV: Episode 56

by Jesse North

Talking points:

What do you think, Rushers? Do you think The Book of Mormon is (or will be) offensive to some audiences? Have you ever been offended by a play? Why do you think audiences should not be offended by art? Is Book of Mormon on your must-see list? Leave your (non-offensive) thoughts in the comments below. And in the meantime, sign up for Stage Rush’s weekly newsletter!

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  1. Carlos Alvarado
    Mar 27 2011

    Is it strange to say that nothing offends me? My personal joking around with friends and family is probably actually much worse than anything Matt and Trey could write. Team America: World Police is actually one of my favorite movies. I think they are spot on with saying what everyone else is already thinking. I’m excited to see the show and i’m sure it won’t bother me a bit.


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