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April 29, 2011


Stage Rush TV: Episode 61

by Jesse North

Talking points:

What do you think, Rushers? Do you think Nick Adams’ good looks can act as a double-edged sword regarding how he is perceived as an actor? What do you think of Aaron Tveit’s statement on the subject? Do you agree with my Tony Award nominee predictions? Who do you think will get nominated? Feel free to go Tony-Award crazy in the comments below!

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  1. Carlos Alvarado
    Apr 29 2011

    You tell it like it Jesse! I love that you have no problem with it, it’s awesome. I’m wondering if there are going to be any upsets with your predictions. Are you going to give your live thoughts that morning?

    So I think Nick Adams and Aaron Tveit are both great performers, I think casting directors rely more on their bodies than their faces,but that’s just my thought. Out of curiosity, did you feel that his performance in Priscilla warrants a nomination?

    • Apr 29 2011

      Hey Carlos! I’m so glad you enjoyed—thank you. I’ll definitely be posting my reactions to the nominations on nomination day. Re Nick Adams, I think that he could be edged out of a nomination, but he could come close and make the cut. The role required an immense amount of energy that needs to be sustained for the entire show. It was a different kind of performance, and he could make it.

  2. UncleU
    May 1 2011

    I just finished watching your interview with Nick Adams, and as a fan of his who first saw him in Guys and Dolls, then Chours Line, as well as his YouTube performances I am amazed at the passion this man has in his singing and acting. He always stands out above the rest and I have seen that passion and heard it in his voice. I think that he deserves a nomination not for what we see but for what we hear from him. As much as he gives back to the community which that alone deserves an award. , I as well as many others realize that he is a “Triple Threat”, and that if it doesn’t happen this time it will happen many times later because there is a lot more to him than just muscles and mascara.


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