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The No. 1 Reason To See: Man and Boy

man and boy broadway play poster frank langellaSometimes, all the power and money in the world cannot protect you from the consequences of your decisions. It’s a moral presented in Terence Rattigan’s Man and Boy that comes off kind of comforting (maybe even vindicating) in a society where the disconnect between corporate greed and unemployment rates are impossible to ignore. Frank Langella plays Romanian financier Gregor Antonescu (a Bernie Madoff of yesteryear) in 1934 New York, sought in a financial scandal so big, it’s splashed across the front page of The Wall Street Journal. He takes refuge at the dilapidated Greenwich Village apartment of his estranged son Basil (Adam Driver), who he’s left scarred from years of neglect. In the apartment, Antonescu spins a variety of last-ditch schemes to avoid imprisonment and financial ruin.

The No. 1 Reason To See Man and Boy: Frank Langella’s polite condescension Read more »


Review: Everyday Rapture

We all know that Broadway and hamminess go hand in hand. One is just a part of the other as peanut butter is to jelly. Yet the level of obnoxiousness that Sherie Rene Scott reaches in her one-woman show Everyday Rapture is downright off-putting.

As a last-minute replacement for Lips Together, Teeth Apart, (the play that Megan Mullally unprofessionally ditched), causing the show to cancel) the Roundabout Theatre Co. rustled up Everyday Rapture, which performed at the off-Broadway Second Stage Theatre last May. Written by Dick Scanlan and Sherie Rene Scott, the one-woman show (with backup vocalists and a brief character role, so… kinda sorta) focuses on Scott’s journey from oppressed childhood in Kansas to her self-proclaimed semi-stardom on Broadway.
Most know Scott from her Tony-nominated turn in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and for playing Ursula in the Broadway production of The Little Mermaid. In addition, she and her husband Kurt Deutsch founded S-K-Boom/Ghostlight Records, which is one of the largest Broadway record companies that publish cast recordings. Scott is by no means short of talent or artistic ability. That’s actually not my issue with Rapture—it’s the manner in which the material is presented. Read more »