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The No. 1 Reason To See: The Lyons

lyons vineyard theatre linda lavin michael esper nicky silver posterAlthough it’s been written so many times, the new play The Lyons makes the statement ring truer than ever: You cannot choose your family. The titular clan is gathered at the hospital bedside of Ben (Dick Latessa), the patriarch, who is riddled with cancer and dying. His wife, Rita (Linda Lavin), is nonchalantly reading an interior design magazine, planning how to redecorate the living room once Ben is gone. Their two grown children (Kate Jennings Grant and Michael Esper) can’t seem to comfort their father for five minutes without digging up some complaint from the past about their parents. The hospital room becomes the setting for the clan’s final rumble together.

The No. 1 Reason To See The Lyons: Linda Lavin’s droll delivery and facial expressions Read more »