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Stage Rush TV: Episode 6

Talking points: 
What did you find most surprising about my interview with Lynne Shankel? Have you seen All About Me? Did you think Michael Feinstein held his own, or was he just one of Dame Edna’s props? Please leave any questions or suggestions for topics in the comments!

Review: All About Me

Not every good idea has to make sense, initially. When I first heard that Dame Edna Everage and Michael Feinstein would be co-headlining a Broadway show, I thought, Who wants to see that? Dame Edna has already had two Broadway shows—isn’t her shtick old? And Michael Feinstein is stuck in the 1930s with his cabaret act—how is he relevant to today’s paying audience?
Well last night, all these performers had to do to convince me was open their mouths.
Played by the Australian comedian Barry Humphries, Dame Edna’s comedy is sharper than ever. Her improvised routine of honing in on grinning audience members and humiliating them never gets boring. What’s so effective about her delivery is that Edna never appears to be insulting intentionally—every caustic quip is delivered in a tone that would sound the same if she were saying she loved you. Edna is miraculous, because she is a short-sighted, self-absorbed, politically incorrect  snob—yet you can’t help but love her! She commands the stage of the Henry Miller’s Theatre (soon to be the Stephen Sondheim Theatre) using her usual staples of gladiolas, muscular male dancers, and boas. Edna also looks blindingly glittery in her wild costumes, designed by Stephen Adnitt. One particular bedazzled frock displayed a massive collar that was the Sydney Opera House, with Edna’s head poking out through the middle of the famed building. It was a design fit for Lady Gaga, which isn’t too shabby for the 76-year-old dame. Read more »

Stage Rush TV: Episode 1

After a year, I finally come from behind the curtain, much like Oz, and get in front of the video camera (eek!). I present to you the first episode of Stage Rush TV! Every week, I’ll cover any shows or events I’ve been to, weigh in on the week’s Broadway news, and discuss any theater-related topics whirling around in my brain. 
Please excuse the first-time-in-front-of-the-camera nerves. I promise people, I will get better. I’ll also make these videos shorter; we wouldn’t want The Lion King to close before the video ends. 
Talking points: 
  • How I fell hard for Broadway
  • Attending the All About Me press conference
  • Seeing Phantom of the Opera and my upcoming Q&A with Phantom understudy Jeremy Stolle
  • The media goes spoiler-crazy with Next Fall
  • Jersey Boys sells a shockingly-low number of tickets (for them) 
Please leave your thoughts, retorts, agreements, and disagreements in the comments section—all are welcome! This way, we can actually turn this into a discussion, rather than just my big head floating on the screen jabbering. In addition, please email me, tweet me, or leave a comment letting me know if there are any topics you’d like me to address in the next episode.

The Odd Couple: Dame Edna and Michael Feinstein unite in theatrical harmony

When Dame Edna Everage and Michael Feinstein walked into the journalist-filled private room of the Red Eye Grill for their press conference last night, there was a gasp from the crowd. I’m positive it was due to the hulking presence of Ms. Everage, who appears easily over six-feet tall, and the stark contrast to her companion, the rather diminutive Mr. Feinstein. These two entertainers, varying in many ways than merely the physical, were there to promote their Broadway show, All About Me, which begins previews this Sunday.
“I’m not at all sure what I’m here for,” Everage said in her innocent, elderly coo. “People say to me, ‘Edna, what kind of show are you going to do?’ and I say, ‘I never divulge and I never think about what I’m going to do until the minute before I step onto the stage.’”
“I can vouch for that,” Feinstein deadpanned.
This mismatched pair—Feinstein, the pianist/cabaret owner/music archivist, and Dame Edna, the cross-dressing alter ego of comedian Barry Humphries—will open a musical-comedy review on March 18, complete with dance numbers and duets at the Henry Miller’s Theatre. It was publicized that the performers had intended on unveiling separate, solo shows this same Broadway season, but decided to join forces due to lack of theater availability.

***VIDEO AFTER JUMP: Dame Edna heckles an innocent waitress who gets too close*** Read more »