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August 31, 2010


Ensemble Watch: ‘Rock of Ages,’ Part 1

by Jesse North

Andre Ward and Jeremy Woodard—the guy rockers in the ensemble of Rock of Ages—talk about backstage life at the Brooks Atkinson, knee-bleeding audition tales, and bonding through cable TV in the latest edition of Ensemble Watch.

Have you caught Andre and Jeremy in Rock of Ages, Rushers? Or seen Jeremy go on as Stacee Jaxx? Were you surprised that neither of these guys thought they were cut out for the 80s rock show? And what’s up with them having to pay for cable in their dressing room? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments, and don’t forget to check back early next week for part 2 of Ensemble Watch: Rock of Ages!

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  1. Erin Q
    Sep 1 2010

    Love the interview! These guys are totally in sync on stage and I love how you can tell they enjoy performing together. Congrats to Andre for HBO pilot. Wish Jeremy was taking over Stacee Jaxx, he kills in the role.

  2. Liz Lovejoy
    Sep 1 2010

    I was surprised to hear that they were so dependent on each other in the performance (how sweet!). That’s very interesting! And when do they have time to watch TV?

  3. Casey Mcewen
    Sep 1 2010

    Love Jeremy! ROCK OF AGES would not be the same without him. Glad he has stayed this long. Not only freakin talented, but super super nice ;0)

  4. Me
    Sep 1 2010

    Andre and Jeremy are phenomenal!! Rock of Ages would definitely NOT be the same without Jeremy!!!! He should be Stacee Jaxx!!!!!!

  5. Anne
    Sep 2 2010

    LOVE Andre & J Wo! I agree w/ Erin, Jeremy deserves the Stacee role. I pray he’ll stay in the show. The whole cast of ROA is talented, very down to earth and personable! And very good to their fans!!

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