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Straight Shootin’ with the cast of The Bad and the Better: Clyde Baldo

bad and the better amoralists derek ahonen clyde baldoThe streets are filled with shady politicians and rebel-rousing anarchists in Derek Ahonen’s new play, The Bad and the Better, which plays at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater through July 21.  In honor of the new detective noir, Stage Rush asked some of the fearless cast members about rolling with The Amoralists, admiring rebels, and shooting firearms. Here’s what they had to say!

Actor: Clyde Baldo

Has the nature of the Amoralists’ work allowed you to take more risks on stage? Moreso than your experiences with other theater companies?
I was very drawn to the reputation of the Amoralists and their gritty, risk-taking spirit. I take risks on stage in different ways. My role as Richard Zorn really doesn’t allow me to be risky. But I hope in future Amoralists productions, I get more of a chance to be out there. Read more »