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Michael Riedel’s first 24 hours on Twitter

michael riedel twitter picture profile image spider man broadway musical new york post

Michael Riedel's Twitter avatar, designed by Jason Levesque

The New York Post‘s Michael Riedel made every member of the Broadway community collectively wet themselves Thursday with the surprising revelation that he had joined Twitter. A forum that has been used for lighting-fast news, discussion, and fairly-anonymous bitchiness among theater fans has now been changed by the existence of @MichaelRiedelNY.

@BroadwayGirlNYC was the first on my Twitter feed to announce the Broadway gossip columnist’s arrival. @BroadwaySpotted was quick to announce that it had “competition” upon learning the print man of 20 years had joined the social networking site. Riedel quickly replied to @BroadwaySpotted’s tweet with humble resignation. Which led to the second revelation of this Twitter arrival—he replies! Read more »